Boschpoort offers a unique South African experience to our visitors and friends.

Experience a truly South African braai. The sound of a lion roaring in the night while relaxing outside in a malaria-free zone.

A complete getaway from the city within a relaxing and peaceful environment.

We still believe in the adventure of hunting, the thrill of walking and stalking an animal, of discovering something new and unknown.

Come and enjoy an unforgettable hunting experience with more than 20 different game species to hunt.


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Our online bookings are done via the online booking page or by clicking on the booking button available on the website.

Different options are available on this consumer-friendly portal.

This will take you to our easy booking and payment processing system.

Please complete all the blank spaces required. This is necessary to confirm your booking failing to do so means your booking can’t be processed.

Complete the number of Hunters & Observers, as well as if you require a hunting-vehicle.

Complete the check-in and check-out dates on the calendar provided in the booking form.

Your cost summary will be displayed next to the Booking Cost.

Once ready to book, click on BOOK NOW and proceed to VIEW CART to make a payment with the easy-to-use PayFast payment gateway.

Your booking will then be confirmed via e-mail.

All correspondence is via e-mail. Please ensure that the correct e-mail is used.

Two easy options are available. The first through our Hunting Page, by using the  “request a pricelist”  option.  The second option is to request a price-list via e-mail. Payment can only be made through our payment gate system on the website and in no other way.

We are about an hour and a half drive from Bloemfontein on the N6 towards Smithfield a  small local town. We are situated on the N6 only 11 km outside Smithfield, towards Rouxville. Keep in mind that the reception for cell phones are limited.

Local guests will have to drive with their own vehicle unless other arrangements have been made. The preferred vehicle will be a “pickup”, “bakkie” or an SUV for off-road use. Cars can drive on the dirt road, but it will be a lot slower and you will have to drive a lot more carefully. Boschpoort will not be liable for any damages to any vehicles.

Google maps can be used and links to our GAME RESERVE is available on our website and FACEBOOK platform on our home page. The location can also be sent via WhatsApp live location on request. (see our contact number)

International guests can be picked up and returned to the airport with the necessary arrangements.

The airport arrangements have to be specific as to the which airport they will be arriving at. There are two options available namely the OR Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg) or the Bram Fischer International Airport(Bloemfontein). These arrangements can be made after the booking is confirmed via e-mail.

Animals will be paid after the hunt. Card facilities will be available as well as a cash option. No Hunter will be allowed to leave the game reserve without full payment for animals hunted.

The hunting vehicle can be rented at R800 per day, fuel included. This can be booked on the online booking page when you do your booking.

The vehicle is strictly only to be driven by the guide or Professional Hunter who will accompany you on the hunt.

Any damage to the vehicle incurred while used differently will be added to the client’s account.

Our accommodation and staff allow for 12 people.

Hunters will be given the opportunity to set their rifles at a shooting range before the hunt. We strongly recommend the use of this facility.

If any hunter or observer wounds any animal they are liable to pay for that animal (Please see our indemnity forms). If the animal can’t be found the hunter will still be liable for full payment. It is considered a wounded animal if there are traces of blood or blood spatter found. Trackers can be arranged at extra cost if the animal is not found on that day. This rule will be strictly enforced.

When booking a safari accommodation will automatically be added to the check-out list.

When going on a safari the clients needs to stay the night. No safaris will be done unless prior arrangements have been made. Safaris are ONLY done for clients that sleepover on the game reserve. All clients must sign an indemnity form upon arrival. We can only accommodate 12 people at most for a safari trip.  Bring own hats, sunscreen or any protective gear needed. Please make sure to take along own medication and notify the guide or PH of allergies or any medical condition. Drinks and a light meal can be ordered at additional cost, with prior notice.

RULES will be available on the bottom of this page. Please read carefully and make sure you understand the rules. If there are any questions regarding this information contact us directly or on e-mail. Our clients must read and understand our terms and rules of the GAME RESERVE. This will also be available on the indemnity form that the clients will receive upon arrival.

A minimum of 4 hunters is required for self-catering

A minimum of 2 hunters is required for all-inclusive

Our kitchen is equipped for purposes of a game farm. The equipment includes 2 Aga-stoves for heating and cooking purposes as well as a Gas stove. We have one double and one single fridge and 2 freezers.

Plain Game

Blue Wildebeest
Red Hartebeest
Bush Pig
Lechwe (Under 20”)
Reed Buck
Red Hartebeest
Bush Pig

Exotic Game

Buffalo (No Hardhead)
Buffalo (Hardhead)

Colour Variants

Black Springbuck
White Springbuck
Copper Springbuck
Golden Wildebeest
Yellow Blesbuck
Copper Blesbuck
White Blesbuck
Black Impala
White Fallow Deer

Rules of the private game reserve


Upon arrival, every guest (hunters as well as guests) will be required to sign and execute this Waiver of Liability and Indemnity. 

  • Visitors who do not adhere to this regulation will be denied entry.
  • Kindly refrain from smoking inside the chalets and the tents.
  • No fires are permitted outside the dedicated fireplaces/braai areas in and around the chalets and/or the camp.
  • Rooms and living areas will be serviced/cleaned once a day. Our friendly staff will assist you in every way possible to make your stay with us as memorable, pleasant and stress-free as possible.
  • Guests are to refrain from littering. All paper and other litter should be collected and discarded at the lodge or camp.


  • No hunting will be permitted unless or until the hunter signs and executes this Waiver of Liability and Indemnity.
  • Hunting will only be permitted from sunrise to 17h00 daily.
  • Before the hunt (the day before or the morning of the hunt), a few shots must be fired at the designated shooting range to ensure that the rifle/telescope combination is set correctly and also to determine whether the hunter is a competent shot.
  • Hunters are not permitted to hunt antelope bigger than Impala with ammunition loads smaller than 168 grain.
  • Hunting with a calibre rifle smaller than .243 is not permitted unless arranged with the owner.
  • The use of alcohol during hunting is strictly prohibited and no persons under the influence of alcohol will be permitted to use a weapon or drive a vehicle.
  • During all hunting activities, hunters shall be accompanied and be supervised by a Personal Hunter (PH). No Hunters will be permitted to hunt without being accompanied by a PH.
  • Only game species specified in the hunting list as provided may be hunted. No rounds may be fired at any plants, trees or other animal or bird not specified in the hunting list provided. A penalty equal to three times the replacement value of the animal shall be payable.
  • Any game wounded and not located will be deemed as legitimately hunted by the Hunter and the Hunter shall be liable to pay the listed price for the animal concerned. Any blood, bone, hide, flesh or hair of an animal which may be found will be deemed to constitute satisfactory proof that the animal had been wounded.
  • If an animal has been wounded, it will be the responsibility of the Hunter concerned with the assistance of the PH and field guides to locate the wounded animal. All reasonable efforts shall be made to locate a wounded animal.
  • The hunter concerned shall not be permitted to continue with hunting activities until a wounded animal has been located or until a PH decides that a wounded animal cannot be located despite all reasonable efforts to locate such animal. The owner has the right to withdraw hunters, observers, and guides at any time and/or halt hunting activities until wounded animals have been tracked down. 
  • Hunters are to refrain from littering. All cartridge shells, paper and other litter should be collected and discarded at the lodge or camp.